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Bunnie's Capture

My first fanfic, written several years ago. Amusing, but not spectacular.
I have no idea what inspired me to write this, but at one point, I was so proud of it I even submitted it to fanfiction.net.
Ah well, people often criticize their own work after a period of time has gone by.
So I guess in an objective standpoint, this isn't all that bad.

Mystery Sonic Theater 3000 - Episode 1: Uncle Bob Returns!

Ah, a true classic. A genuine SONIC_FAN MiSTing, dated early 2000.
I was a lot less funny back then, so prepare to groan a bit here and there.
I still do, this is one of those typical "What kind of moron was I back then?" moments I tend to have.
But I just couldn't keep it from you, too much work had gone in this back then.
TXT format, with the ">" symbol preceding all lines of the actual fic.

Mystery Sonic Theater 3000 - Episode 102: The Dadanian and the Rose.

That's what hanging around in Sonic Yahoo groups gets me. Plentiful new fics to make fun of... ;D
HTML format, with MST'd comments in color.

Mystery Sonic Theater 3000 - Episode 103: Shadow's acting kind of Shady

A collaboration between Gold Sonic, Crazy Mr. Leo, Smindas and myself, this is probably the crowning achievement in collaborative writing for all of us. We plan to do this again sometime in the future.
HTML format, with MST'd comments in color.

Cinos versus H Hog!! A Fighting Duel of Burning Jealousy against True Love of Teila?

This novelized Roleplay Battle versus Cinos and myself, was the result of a chatroom conversation gone terribly wrong.
Don't turn away from the apparent script format in the beginning, it'll turn into something resembling an actual story quickly.

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