Director: Mystery Sonic Theater 3000, Episode 102: The Dadanian And The Rose! Take one.
Date: September 24th 2003
In the far and distant future,
Long after we all have died
The crew of Starship Coldflame
had gone on a crazy ride.
Captain H Hog made a great attack,
But Robotnik, he did counteract,
Though he did fight so well and proud,
Robotnik forced him underneath the clouds.
"I'll send them crazy fanfics,
the worst around the globe." (lalala)
"That will make them panic,
then I'll defeat that dope!!"
Starring: H Hog! (Here we go again!!!)
Now keep in mind, H Hog can't control,
to make the fics stop or end. (lalala)
Jamming would make their position known,
Risking both his ship and friends!
LEO! (These are ARMS!)
NEO! (Uhh.. pants.)
If you're wondering how hedgehogs can be blue,
& other Sonic-facts. (lalala)
Your fanboy-ness is scaring me,
So sit down and relax!
for Mystery Sonic Theater 3000!
[The doors] 
 1-Wall of Fire 
 2-Laser Barrier
 3-Steel Enforced Door
 4-Sliding Bars 
H Hog: Hello, and welcome back to the "Coldflame", my very own starship!
Gold Sonic: You haven't even thought of a name for this thing yet, last time you MSTed something.
H Hog: Well, that WAS three years ago. I couldn't think of any good names.
Leo: You could have called it "Firestar".
Neo: That'd just rip off Spiderman.
H Hog: Enough already!
Ben: H, we have a transmission!
H Hog: What? Already? We haven't even done a decent introduction yet! Eh, what the hell. On screen.
Robotnik: Greetings, everyone.
Everyone (droning): Hello, Dr. Robotnik.
Robotnik: Ooh, I like that sound. I wouldn't mind hearing you say that for the rest of your lives!
Gold: Fat chance, fatty.
Robotnik: Oh, it'll happen... Soon enough.
Neo: So, I suppose you'll be sending us your method of torture now, right.
Robotnik: You bet your fuzzy little heiny I am. And guess what, it's brand new!
Ben: Recieving the fanfic...
Leo: So, who's it from? Sonic_Fan again?
H Hog: Or maybe one of those authors that like to name themselves "..." Hedgehog, or "..." Prower?
Robotnik: Close, actually. The author's called Danny Rose. He finished it yesterday.
Kulock: Figures, you're never gonna see anyone named "Rabbot" in this fandom.
H Hog: Eeh? Kulock? How'd you get here? MSTing is usually done with 5 people, not 6!
*Roll Call rewind*
KULOCK! (Moogle like Rabbot!)
Kulock: Oh, I'm just here for the obligatory Bunnie comments. Just carry on.
H Hog: Ahh... allright then. 
Robotnik: Can I continue? Okay. Well, yes, he's Danny Rose, not Danny Rabbot.
Hey, originality is limited to the talented ones. So Rose is what you're gonna get.
Oh yes, and as an added bonus, it's a lemon, too!
Gold: Well..... Okay, bring it on!
Ben: The fic's fully transferred. Let's get to it, guys.
H Hog: We got FANFIC SIGN!
(MST'rs enter, and sit down)
Leo: Danny Rose, huh. What should I imagine for that, another one of Amy's long lost cousins,
brothers, uncles or whatever that just showed up recently?
Ben: Most likely.
The Dadanian and The Rose


This Lemon is a rare Lemon and a person who Iíll leave nameless to protect the guilty
destroyed this entire Lemon Couples works.
H Hog: My Hero.
This Lemon Coupling is Danny Rose/Amy Rose and as I said this coupling is rare.
Neo: Let me break it to you gently... Something's only considered rare if someone gives a crap.
I created Danny Rose when I was younger because I was bored.
Who would have known that poor drawing long disposed of would be the sword-slinging, Hedgehog-Marrying,
Tolki-he Slaying man he is today.
This is my first parody of a famous Lemon, The Ancient and The Rose.
The Ancient and The Rose inspired my idol, V Dogg, to write his Rouge/Nazz Lemon, but on with the show.
H Hog: Ooh, bonus. We're parodying a parody on its own.
Ben: Rouge and... NAZZ? Somehow I think that would be more fit for Spazz to read, being the Ed Edd and Eddy freak and all.
H Hog: I guess I'll relay him the message later, then.

This story takes place 2 years after Danny Underground X: Future Shock.
The Danny Underground has disbanded after everyone except Danny lost their memories of ever adventuring with
Danny and left, but someone had to pay for destroying Realmís Deep.
Max was about to stand forward and claim the blame, but Danny Rose pushed him back
and took all the blame for Realmís Deep.
Dannyís punishment was for him to become a Vagabond, which is equal to being exiled, but they were allowed to travel around.
Vagabonds on Dadania has an early Lights Out Time, they have to leave any city, town, or village at 6:00 PM, but now for the story.

Amy Rose moved back to Earth and her crush on Sonic is on failing legs.
Neo: In other words, she "finally gave up chasing him".
Our story begins with a normal day in Station Square and you know what the stories after.
The Chapter begins when Amy Rose is walking in Station Square doing what she does best, blowing her money.
Ben: Her money grew a penis.
Amy Rose: The Station Squareís E.W. James and itís that time of the month...
H Hog: Amy got PMS!
(aside) Not PMS. Thatís next month. (end of aside)
H Hog: (comment) Oh. (end of comment)
An aside is a speech that a character makes that the other characters shouldnít hear.
Itís Simply a speech to the audience.
Leo: So nice he explains all these things to us.
Gold: Yes, he's got a keen sense of stating the obvious.
She enters in E.W. James and looks at all the fruits on display and she sees Eggman looking at the breads.
Ben: Egg Sandwich.
Amy Rose: Oh no. I better stop worrying like this EggmanĎs changed.
H Hog: Good girl. You don't have to worry about this Eggman ever changing, it's just hanging on to false hope.
Eggman: Wazzup, Amy.
Amy Rose: Iím Buying groceries. What about you?

Eggman: I love looking at bread.
Gold: True, True.
Ben (Robotnik): I like Breads.
Amy Rose buys all the fruits she wants and goes to the counter.

^When you see this, this is an action all actions that donít change place are in italics.
Sonic: Amy, I would expect your pretty ass to be here.

Sonic has become a bigger smart-ass than he was in the Sonic Games.
Neo (Amy): Sonic, I would expect your bigger smart ass to be here.
Amy Rose: Look towards the counter, sweetie.

Sonic looks on the counter and smashes Sonic head into the counter.
H Hog: Wait, what? Sonic smashes his own head?
Amy Rose: You fell let me help you up.
All: Awwww.
Amy Rose picks Sonic up, throws him on the ground, and kicks him in the genitals.
All: Owwww.
Amy Rose: Whatís that? You said, youíd pay for my groceries and clean the whole grocery store for free.

Rouge: Hello, Amy Rose, youíre stronger than I last saw you.
Amy Rose: Are we still on for tonight?

Rouge: Yes, Iíll give you the time of your life.
Leo: "And you've never felt this way before..."
Neo: Yes, it DOES look like Amy and Rouge will be doing a little "Dirty Dancing" later.
Amy Rose put all her fruit on the counter, Rouge rings up the total,
H Hog: *mimics the Sonic "End-Of Level Ring Total" cash register sound*
and Rouge bags her fruit.

Rouge: Have a nice day and see you tonight.

Sonic gets up.

Rouge: Well, your cost is 150 Dollars.
Ben (Rouge): And it's coming out of your paycheck, mister!
Sonic puts 150 Dollars on the counter.

Rouge: We need clean up on Isle 13.
H Hog: I heard of that Isle, it's somewhere near the Bermuda Triangle.
Rouge hands Sonic a mop.

After E.W. James, Amy Rose went to the set of winding stairs before the area Sonic raced against the G.U.N Truck in SA2:B
where she goes to grind the rail and she didnít know my Dadanian wonder was
propped up against the wall like a gang member. (West Side Story reference)
Gold: Let's...just not even TRY to make anything coherent of this.
The rest: Good call.
Danny Rose: You call that grinding a rail. Hereís grinding.

Danny Rose jumped on the rail and looks forward unlike any other grinder.
Neo: He... LOOKS forward. Unlike ANY other grinder.
Ben: I guess all the other grinders grind while looking to the side or something.
Leo: Or maybe the rest's all crosseyed.
Danny Rose: This isnít all I can do.
H Hog: I can also make julienne fries, and cut your bank interest in half! For only 99,99 plus shipping and handling!
Danny Rose draws out his sword and attacks guard robots while he grinds.

Amy Rose: Damn, he can sure grind.
Ben (Amy): He must have a job at the butcher's shop.
Sonic comes near Amy Rose.

Sonic: Bitch, youíll pay for what did to me at E.W. James.

Sonic pulls out a dollar just as Danny Rose got back up the stairs.

Sonic: Do you know what this is?

Danny Rose: (Talking Sonicís dollar) Mine.
Leo: ZING!
Sonic: Bitch, Iím going to get my vengeance on you for E.W. James.
Gold (Sonic): E.W. was my bestest friend and you killed him. :(
Danny Rose: (anger) you lay a hand on her and Iíll play a tune on your butt.
Neo: (anticipation) Ooh! Play "Those Endearing Young Charms"!
H Hog: (fear) Not that! Maybe someone rigged Sonic's butt with dynamite!
*Everyone (disbelief) stares at H Hog blankly*
H Hog: (exasperation) Oh, come on. Like you never saw that Bugs and Daffy cartoon.
Sonic give Amy Rose a black eye and then Danny Rose kicks Sonic into the wall.

Danny Rose: I warned you, Sonic.
Ben (Danny): Prepare to become my musical instrument. How does "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" grab ya?
Danny Rose picks Sonic, throws him down the stairs; Danny grinds the rail, and pulls out a pocketknife with a rusty blade.

Amy Rose: Heís removing Sonicís pants and underpants.
Ben: Thank you, Ms. Exposition.
Leo: We really did not need to know that.
Neo: Since when does Sonic wear pants and underpants?
Amy Rose cringes at what she sees.
[[MST'rs note: From this point on, things start getting a bit explicit here and there.
I suggest not reading on from here when you're shy of several mentions of what's between people's legs.]]
Danny Rose cut Sonicís dick off with a rusty knife
and put Sonic on the rail that prevents people from falling off into the black from behind.

Danny Rose: Police, that guyís is mooning my girlfriend.

Police Officer: Iíll arrest him.
Ben: Such compliant officers. How un-American.
The Police Officer gets Sonic and arrested him.
H Hog: Present tense? Past tense?
Gold: YOU'RE tense.
Danny Rose: Letís go back to your house.

Danny Rose and Amy Rose walk towards Amy Roseís apartment. A few minutes later, they arrived at Amy Roseís Apartment.
Ben: Some seconds later, they enter Amy Rose's apartment.
About half a minute later, they enter the elevator in Amy Rose's apartment.
Then another minute later, they enter the front door of Amy Rose's apartment.
Danny Rose: This is an apartment.
All: *collapse animť style*
Amy Rose: Who are you and why are you so stupid?
Leo: ZING #2!
Danny Rose: My nameís Danny Rose and I was a Vagabond on Dadania for two years.

Amy Rose: Always on the go and never seen technology for two years.
H Hog: My god, the guy's practically living in the STONE AGE.
Danny Rose: I was punished for the destruction of Realmís Deep.

Amy Rose: And you smell like a Vagabond, too.
Neo: Smells like teen spirit.
Leo: Smells like ass.
Ben: Smells like an upcoming bathroom scene.
Danny and Amy Rose go into Amyís Bathroom.
Ben: See?
Amy Rose: This is a bathroom and this device over here is a shower.

Danny Rose: Can you demonstrate for me?

Amy Rose: Iím supposed to meet Rouge tonight and I need to get ready for it.
Gold: In other words, Sure thing.

Amy Rose turns on the water to adjust the water temperature.

Amy Rose: 1.) Adjust the temperature of the showerís water. Danny, will you turn the other way so I can take my clothes off.

Danny Rose: We, Vagabonds, saw many a Dadanian woman get naked while we were fishing.
Neo: Hey, I should remember this excuse when a girl ever asks me to look away when she's undressing.
Apparently, having seen a girl naked already makes it perfectly okay to see every other girl in the buff, too.
Amy Rose: OK this is Step 2.

Amy Rose takes all her clothes off and gets in the shower.

This is a request for hentai_b
Leo: You request Hentai B? Why settle for that when there's plenty of Hentai A to be found? Really now.
Amy Rose: Now to use this mysterious machine.

Amy Rose presses a button,
Gold (Amy): Hey, how did this mysterious thing get in my bathroom?
I have no idea what this is, and it might even be dangerous... Ah whatever, let's try it out anyway. *pushes button*
gets dumped with soap, washes the soap off, and lays down to get the soap in her clit.
H Hog: INSIDE of it? That can't possibly be healthy.
Amy Rose: And that how you use the shower.
Ben (Amy): Too bad you lack the female genitals to get soap in.
Danny Rose: Thanks for that free show, but I knew how to do that. I was a Vagabond, not just born. I never used technology for 2 years.
All: HA-HA!
Amy Rose: Iím going to get ready for Rougeís visit.

Danny Rose: Have fun. You made need this.

Danny Rose tosses Amy Rose Sonicís Penis.
Danny Rose: Itís disinfected and Rouge is that kind of girl.

Amy Rose: I just want to have sex once in my life.
Neo: "Once in her life"... Cripes, Amy must be by far THE most sexed up character in the Sonic universe!
Danny Rose: And you will tonight.

Amy Rose leaves the bathroom and tries to find clothes for her and Danny Rose to wear.

Amy Rose: (Yelling to Danny) whatís your favorite colors?

Danny Rose: (Yelling in the shower) Blue, Green, and White.

Amy Rose went through her closet and found a pair of BLUE jeans and a WHITE Shirt with "Knowledge equals Power" in GREEN.
Gold: Oh my GOD, what a COINCIDENCE.
She picked out a pair of blue jeans, a white shirt with a heart on it, and a pair of cute
pink sandals.
Amy Rose goes into the bathroom and puts Danny Roseís clothes. A few minutes later, Danny
Rose came in in womenís clothing and looked styling.
Leo (singing): "I cut Sonic's wang, I grind and jump, My last name sounds like flowers!
I put on women's clothing, And hang around in bars!"
Danny Rose: I still feel naked.

Danny Rose gets his boots, gloves, cape, and belt and puts them on.

Danny Rose: Thatís better.
H Hog: Gloves and a cape inside? Must be cold in Amy's apartment.
Amy Rose: I see thatís your signature stuff.

Danny Rose: You look spiffy in those clothes. Iím hungry, what do you have to eat?
Ben: SMOOOOOOOTH. "Hey babe, you look great. What's for breakfast?"
Amy Rose: I just bought some fruit at E.W. James today for free.
Gold: Courtesy of the local "Blue Hedgehog" savings and loan bank.
The Pink Bombshell and the Dadanian Wonder went into the kitchen and Danny Rose got the watermelon.
Neo (Pink Bombshell): Dadanian Wonder! The Bombshellsignal is in the sky! Danger's afoot! 
H Hog (Dadanian Wonder): Holy refried beans, Pink Bombshell! We must do something!
Neo (Pink Bombshell): To the Bombshellmobile, Dadanian Wonder!
Danny Rose: (holding the watermelon) Iíll peel it.

Danny Rose peels the watermelon and the rind of the watermelon goes flying everywhere.

Amy Rose: That was amazing.
Leo (Amy): Now clean my apartment, there's rind everywhere!!
Who taught you how to do that?

Danny Rose: My father taught me that.

Danny Rose uses his D-Sword to slice the watermelon in half and Amy Rose gets two heart decorated plates, and they both sit at the kitchen table.

Amy Rose: Tell me about your family, Danny.
H Hog (Amy): I wanna know if they're all such nutjobs as you are.
Danny Rose: My father was King of Dadania and my mom was Queen of Dadania.
My father was killed in the Underwater Base, a base of Talon, and I never knew my mom because she died before I got to know her.
I have a brother and a sister, but they abandoned me.
Gold: Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. Little prince Orphan.
Amy Rose: I never knew my family because I was always moving. I moved from Little Planet to Earth following Sonic.
Leo: That's right, folks. In pursuit of her love, she abandoned her family!
Danny Rose: Heís a woman now. Sonic was asking for it when he gave you that black eye. Howís that thing doing?

Amy Rose: It hurts a little.

Danny Rose: Do you need any medical attention? Youíre safety is my top concern.
Ben: At the Dadanian Insurance Company, your safety is our top concern!
Buy our Medical Insurance! It even covers black eyes!
Amy Rose: Iíll be fine.

Danny and Amy Rose begin to eat the watermelon.

Danny Rose: (Thinking) it reminds me of one of Amy Roseís breast.
Neo: Dark red, and full of black pits.
H Hog: *bursts out in laughter*
Danny Rose begins to eat it erotically.
A few minutes later, after the watermelon.

Danny Rose: Those melons are good.

Amy Rose: Do you mean mine of the watermelon?
Leo (Danny): Wha..? Your breasts of the Watermelon?
Gold (Amy): Didn't you know? They're full of it!
Danny Rose: Whaaaaaaaaa!!! The watermelon. What did you think I mean?
H Hog: Oh, I think you know what you meant. You said "Melons", chief. There was only one Watermelon in the house.
Amy Rose: Breast, I heard a pimp talking to a person and mentioned the melons of one of his "merchandise".

Danny Rose: Wanna watch television?
Ben: YES, let's cleverly change the subject.
Amy Rose: I donít have one.

Danny Rose: You do now.
Danny and Amy Rose go to the Living Room and Amy Rose was surprised to see a thin, big screen television in front of her couch.

Amy Rose: Where did this television come from?

Danny Rose: This is a present from me and it set me back 100,000 Danariums.
H Hog (Danny): (Thinking) Which is about 20 American dollars, from the second-hand store.
Amy Rose: Itís beautiful.

Danny turns on the television and The Bunnie Rabbot Show.
Kulock: HELL YES.
NOW HERE"s THE SULTAN OF SALTY SNAK FOODS...BNUNIE RABBOTNIK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Danny Rose: Bunnie Rabbot?

Amy Rose: This is a popular television show. Is she an old girlfriend of yours?

Danny Rose: She was an old traveling companion of mine. She used to wear skimpy Swimsuit like outfits and talks with a sorta Southern Draw.
Kulock: That's our Bunnie alright!
The doorbell rings.

Danny Rose: That must be Rouge.

The door opens and Rouge enters in wearing an outfit so tight you can see her nipples, clit, and ass.
Gold: And she walks across the street wearing that? I'm surprised someone didn't drag her into a dark alley to rape her.
Neo: Judging from what she's like in this fic so far, I'd say she's AIMING for that effect and enjoying every minute of it.
Rouge: I told you Iíd come. I didnít know you had company.

Amy Rose: This is Danny Rose. Heís a skilled grinder.
H Hog (Danny): *grind grind grind* Sorry, someone entered? Couldn't hear you over all the grinding. 
Rouge: I see you gotta TV.

Amy Rose: You know Bunnie Rabbot, the host of The Bunnie Rabbot Show, ...

Rouge: Yes.

Amy Rose: Danny Rose knows her.

Danny Rose: She was an old traveling companion of mine. She used to wear those swimsuit like outfits and talks in a sorta Southern Draw.
Leo: Looks like Danny's repeating himself.
Leo: Looks like Danny's repeating himself.
Rouge: Amy, what happened to your eye?

Amy Rose: Sonic punched me when I was doing my daily rail grinding and thatís how Danny and me met. You can say he came in a big man, but left a woman.

Amy Rose show Rouge Sonicís old penis.
H Hog: Does she really have to keep it around like that?
Rouge: Damn, Danny Rose did that. Heís a whole lot stronger than I thought.

Amy Rose: That outfit makes me horny. Let do it.

Rouge: I donít know. Danny, do you want to join?

Danny Rose: I donít have sex on the first date. Do it like I wasnít even here.

Amy Rose tries to take off Rougeís shirt, but she rips it 2/3 of the way revealing Rouge was wearing no bra.
Ben: Well DUH. Her nipples were visible through the fabric, remember?
[[MST'rs note: Yes, that was both bold AND Italics. That's the mark things are gonna get more sexual at this point.
Brace yourselves, it's a bumpy ride from here on (no pun intended).]]
Rouge: My shirt, but I donít care. I want some fun.
Leo: BOO HOO YOU RIPPED MY SHIRT oh whatever, let's get naked!
Rouge rips the shirt the rest of the way and tosses both parts to the ground.
Amy Rose starts by pinching Rougeís nipples and then she rubbed Rougeís left nipple and sucked Rougeís right nipple.

Amy Rose: Danny, please come on join me. There are two of them.

Danny Rose: Since you said please.
Neo (Danny): I don't have sex on the first date.
Ben (Amy): Please.
Neo (Danny): Okay.
Rouge: (enjoying Amyís nipple work) donít tease me baby.

Rouge and Amy Rose lies down on the couch continuing with Amy Rose continuing to suck Rougeís right nipple and Danny came and sucked Rougeís left nipple.

Danny Rose: I didnít teach her that technique.
Neo: I did.
Amy Rose switched the rubbing Rougeís six-pack
Ben: Good, I can use a beer by now.
(abs, for all the ignorant people)
Ben: Aww. =\
and accidentally touches Rougeís flower (clitoris, for the sexually illiterate)
Leo: Looks like YOU'RE the sexually illiterate one.
Neo: I'll say. Christ, I could write better sex in my sleep!
 and Rouge lets out a moan.

Amy Rose: I cannot continue, Rouge.
Rouge: (gasping) it was getting good, too.

Danny Rose: Amy Rose, donít wimp out now.

Danny Rose raises Rougeís pants and looks inside.
H Hog: He looks inside by RAISING her pants?
Neo: Considering Rouge's current position is horizontal.
H Hog: Oh, right.
Danny Rose: Amy Rose, I say go for it. She is wearing nothing underneath here either.

Rougeís pants rips but it was in the ass area.
Ben: Ohh, there's nothing wrong then.
Rouge: These clothes are old.

Danny Rose had an idea and left for the kitchen.
Neo (Danny): I'll get the oils and the whipped cream.
Amy Rose: Sorry, Rouge, I wanted to have fun, but I ruined it.

Rouge: (gasping) it was fun.

Danny Rose entered in with scissors.

Danny Rose: Rouge, I have an idea. Come with me.

Rouge: I agree if you... (Whispers the rest Danny Roseís ear) let me use your cape as a skirt to protect my package for now.
Gold: Wow, after Sonic Adventure 2's infamous "Chao Tail Glitch", now it's FOR REAL.
Leo: I refuse to look on if this is what the scissors are for.

Danny Rose takes off his cape and wraps it around Rougeís waist and they go into Amy Roseís Bedroom.

Danny Rose throws Rouge on the bed and gets the scissors.

Rouge: (gasping) what are you going to do?
Ben (Danny): I'M-A CUT YOU, BITCH!
Danny Rose: Iím going to make to easier on Amy and cut your pants so she can rip them.

Danny Rose cuts Rougeís pants where Amy can rip them.
H Hog: Redundant. Why rip 'em if they're already cut up?
Danny Rose: Go and get yourself some.

Rouge and Danny Rose go back to Amy Roseís Living Room.

Amy Rose: Iím going to continue.

Rouge gets back on the couch and spreads out her legs.

Danny Rose: Just rip where I cut.

Amy Rose rips Rougeís pants and Rouge pulls the two parts off.

Amy Rose: I did it.
All: *applaud*
Danny Rose: Awesome job, Amy, I knew you could do it.

Rouge: (gasping) what are you waiting for, Amy Rose?

Amy Rose sticks her fingers in Rougeís clitoris and Rougeís lets out a moan.

Danny Rose: I didnít teach her that technique.
Gold: You already said that.
H Hog: Oh. Looks like Danny's rep-
Leo: I already said that.
H Hog: RRGH!
Amy Rose continues to play with Rougeís clit until her cum exploded all
over her body, Amy Rose licks it all up, and she licks the cum that was inside
her clit.
Leo: OK, OK, wait a minute here. Time out. *hits the Big Red Button*
|              |
|     OWN      |
|  [LAWSUIT]   |
H Hog: Eh, we were almost done with this, I almost started to think there would be no more intermission at this point. So, what's the matter?
Leo: I feel at this point it's neccesary to discuss the anatomy of the female.
Neo: Oh, good!
Gold: Oh god.
Ben: Oi Vey.
Leo: Okay, up to now, there has been NO mention AT ALL about the vagina, which is, as we've all hopefully learned, the most used word to describe the female genitals.
Ben: Right.
Leo: In the preceding sexual scene, the only body part that has been mentioned is the Clitoris,
which is a small bit of extremely sensitive flesh, located at the front part of the female genitals.
This has lead me to believe that Danny here thinks that he's succesfully describing the female genitals just by saying "clit" all the time.
So here's a small lesson especially for Danny:
*The Clitoris is only a PART of the vagina, and when not aroused, is mostly hidden inside of the vagina, as well.
As such, it is NOT visible through ANY kind of clothing.
*You are NOT describing the clitoris when saying "flower".
Commonly, "flower" is used to describe the COMPLETE set of genitals between a woman's legs.
*You can NOT stick your fingers INSIDE of someone's clitoris without severely hurting the woman in question.
*You can NOT lick any bodily fluids from INSIDE the clitoris, except blood, which is equally as painful, not to mention disgusting.
Neo: That's right! And you can trust us in knowing this, too. First hand experience. *wink and thumbs up*
*Everyone stares at Neo blankly*
Ben: You... actually tried those last two things?
Neo: Oh FECK OFF, you know what I mean.
Gold: Thus concludes our study of female anatomy. Wasn't that fun!
Rouge: (gasping and excited) that was exciting, but I wanna have fun, too.
Gold: Shut up.
Rouge gets on top of Amy Rose.
Danny Rose: Rouge, go for the breast first.
Neo (Danny): Her breast is particularly thick and succulent. I'll make do with a leg.
Rouge: This is going to be good.

Rouge takes off Amy Roseís shirt and starts be licking Amy Roseís stomach and worked her up. Amy Rose takes her bra off and Rouge pinches Amy Roseís nipples.

Amy Rose: What are you doing?
Leo: I'm not completely sure, but judging by the fact that you're both naked and being all touchy-feely, I'd say you're having SEX.
Rouge sucks Amy Roseís left nipple and gives Danny Rose the come here gesture.

Danny Rose: This is a preview of what I may get in this adventure.
H Hog: Only because you're the one writing it.
Danny Rose sucks Amy Roseís right nipple.

Amy Rose: (enjoying what Danny and Rouge are doing to her) I feel like a queen.
Ben (Danny): KING ME, BITCH!
Danny Rose and Rouge switch nipples and Amy Rose moans.

Rouge: Wanna turn your juices on, Amy Rose?
Gold (Rouge): I'll just turn this here valve, and...
Danny Rose gets back because his job was done and Rouge unbuttons, unzips, and takes off Amy Roseís pants.

Amy Rose: Watch and learn Danny Rose.

Rouge and Amy Rose falls on the floor, but doesnít mind.

Danny Rose: Donít hurt yourselves.
Leo: Just hurt eachother.
Rouge removes Amy Rose panties and throws them at Danny Rose.

Danny Rose: Iím not a clothing bin.
Neo: I'll take 'em off your hands if you don't want 'em. ;P
Rouge licks Amy Roseís clit and Amy Rose moans erotically.

Amy Rose: (enjoying it) I feel it coming.
Ben: Man the lifeboats!
Amy Rose cums all over her body and on Rougeís body.
Amy Rose licks her cum off Rougeís body and Rouge does the same to Amy Roseís body.

Amy Rose: Danny, get a taste of this.

Amy Rose gets some of her cum and throws it at Danny Rose. Danny Rose licks the sample.

Danny Rose: I love it. Itís so sweet.
Neo: OK, so he doesn't like it when panties are thrown toward him, but when a handfull of bodily fluid is tossed in his direction, he thinks it's "sweet".
...Ohwell. YUMMYYYYYY. 
Rouge licks the inside of Amy Roseís clit to get the cum still remaining.
Leo: I give up at this point.
Amy Rose: (gasping) that was the best time I ever had.

Danny Rose: Creamís coming tomorrow, if itís ok with you?

Amy Rose: (gasping) itís ok. Maybe you can join in next time.
Gold: He most likely will.

Rouge and Amy Rose falls asleep.
Ben: And in typical lemon fashion, all participants of sex fall asleep after they're done.
Now we turn our attention to Dadania at the ruins of the Realmís Deep Throne Room. Hawke was trying to free Talon from the dried lava, but wasnít succeeding.
Leo: Try a jackhammer.
Hawke: (trying to stomp on the lava) itís no use Master Talon I cannot break it. I have an idea.

Hawke leaves and a few hours later came back with a robot that looks like Talon.

Hawke: Master Talon, release your spirit and put it inside this machine I made.

Talonís spirit comes out of the lava and possesses the machine.
Leo: Convenient. Wish I could do that.
Neo: What about all those EZboard accounts?
Leo: Eat poison and die.
Hawke: Master Talon, what should we do next?

Mecha Talon: I donít know, but I have an idea where Danny is.

Hawke: Where is the bastard, Master Talon?
Neo (Mecha Talon): At Amy's place, obtaining a free porn show.
Mecha Talon: Amy Rose and the other followers of Danny went to Earth and Danny should be there, too. Dannyís powerless since all his friends are scattered.
Gold (Mecha Talon): See, I have an arm of one of them right here.
Mecha Talon and Hawke laughs.

--End of Chapter 1
This was a female/female story, but these will be scattered throughout the story. Thereíll be a male/female and a female/male/female in the next chapter.
Leo: Little bitta fun for everyone.
This story is in honor of these people:
Ben: Whom most likely don't want to have anything to do with this fic entirely.
My two friends


Leo: Oh, so Hentai_B is one of his friends. Sorry, guy. Here's me thinking earlier the dude was requesting some B-grade hentai.
Gold: Whoo, he has a GRAND TOTAL of TWO friends.
Neo: Hey, that's two people that may potentially like this fic. Well, at least the guy has some kind of an audience.
H Hog: Well yeah, I know those guys. They're great. In fact, I'd much rather see Danny dedicate a fanfic to them that's actually GOOD, instead of this embarrassing pile of steamy crud. 
My mentor

V Dogg
H Hog (Sean Connery): "You're the man now, Dogg!"
(The 5 leave)
H Hog: Well, that was... really...
Gold: Bad?
Ben: Worse?
Leo: Horrible?
H Hog: Yeah, that one.
Leo: I kinda feel sorry for the miseducated guy.
Gold: Yeah, people might take him more seriously if he got his facts straight.
Ben: Not bloody likely.
Neo: The way this is going, I wouldn't be surprised if those Hawke and Talon dudes would be getting in on the action sooner or later.
(MST'rs leave the room)
5. Tent flap zips up
4. Sliding bars retract
3. Steel enforced door opens
2. Laser Barrier becomes passable
1. Wall of fire dies down
H Hog: Well, that's that. At least we all got out without any permanent brain damage.
Ben: Speak for yourself. I got a headache. *turns transmission on*
Robotnik: Done, eh? So, how was it?
Gold: Dire.
Leo: Inaccurate.
Neo: Anatomically incorrect.
Ben: Migraine-inducing.
H Hog: In a nutshell, crap.
Robotnik: Exactly what I was going for. Well, I'll leave you now. Until next time! Bocoe, press the button!
Bocoe: Yes, sir! *pushes the button*
(The "Press Your Own Damn" Button is already used up for this episode)
Cast of characters:
H Hog: R. Ophuizen
Leo: B. Hennessy
Neo: C. Giese
Gold Sonic: Anonymous
Ben: B. Miranda
Kulock: D. Eggleton
Mystery Sonic Theater 3K originally created by Neil Lafrenais, adapted by H Hog.
This Episode's Stinger:
|Danny Rose and Amy Rose walk towards Amy Roseís apartment.			|
|A few minutes later, they arrived at Amy Roseís Apartment.			|
|										|
|										|
|Ben: Some seconds later, they enter Amy Rose's apartment.			|
|About half a minute later, they enter the elevator in Amy Rose's apartment.	|
|Then another minute later, they enter the front door of Amy Rose's apartment.  |
|										|
|										|
|Danny Rose: This is an apartment.						|
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