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Well, as it turns out, "The Horror" will soon be re-hosted in its entirety over here, as Kulock's closing down the Moogle Cavern Hoax and Comic Archives.
Which... is quite a shame, really. Now I gotta work my ass off to give all these comics a proper place again, and you guys won't be able to comment on them easily anymore, either (unless you join my forum...?).
So... yeah. You can still visit the comics over at the 'Cavern, as The Horror is momentarily the only comic that's left up at the moment.
I've WIP'd the The Horror page over here, I hope to have it up and fully functioning by the time the archives over at the MC have disappeared.
If not... then... well, that's all my fault, isn't it?
In other news, SAGE has come and gone, and... well, it was awesome as always.
I left up my SAGE booth, so you can see what kind of crap I brewed up this year.

JUNE 11TH... of 2007:

Uhhhhhhh.... wow. Must be some kind of record, neglecting my site for over a year like that.
Adding to that, the update is sort of lackluster, too. I added a Smash Comic I likewise made over a year ago, and the "Cinos Battle" written piece has been replaced by the actual finished version, as I unwittingly uploaded a Work in Progress version before.
And no one told me this. c_c
I'll update again... maybe soon. Depends if I feel like it.
Maddeningly unhelpful, isn't it? But then, how many people still pay attention to this place anymore, knowing the last proper update was a year ago? >_<;


'Sup, Super Combo visitors! Yeah, it's true, I'm the one that drew that drawing. Snappy, ain't it?
It's got everything - from a Knuckles recolor to a cross between Shadow and Vegeta, to a miscolored moogle throwing a green pie to the wall, as well as the fecking REAPER's younger nephew or something.
Not to mention H Hog himself, and his girlfriend from back then, yo. Back then being, of course, close to... 5 years now, I think. Anyway, I hope you don't hate me too much now for drawing that (nor do I hope the people in said image would hate me for the INCREDIBLE way I just described you guys - sorry). At any rate, I'm better at the whole "paper and pencil" thing nowadays. I guess everyone has a bit of a "shame from the past" in some way, right?
On a total different subject... I know I'm not the game journalism kinda guy, but how 'bout that Smash Bros. Brawl trailer (YouTube link), huh? I'm telling ya, any doubt I've had of getting a Wiivolution is completely driven into the ground and buried at this point.
I guess this means you can probably expect some new Smash Comics in the future, as I'm now allowed to use more characters in it. Not that there's really much point in making 'em anymore, Hail-Nekoyasha on Deviantart still OWNS me in EVERY POSSIBLE way (basically, both art AND humor). Still. I'll convey any ideas I get if I can make it happen.
So hey, it's May already, just a month or two off from SAGE, right? 'Cause content-wise, that's pretty much the only thing I really update my site for anymore nowadays, amirite? Hu-hah. I know I keep promising and then coming up with jack squat, but bear with me. I mean well.


WHOA NELLY. Did I just went and update? Man. What took me so long, eh?
Well, basically... loads upon loads has happened to this site, including another sort-of-move. Echidnoyle.org has been discontinued, and as a result, here I am now on Doorsclosing.com, which... really still belongs to Eric anyway, but it's just a different domain name.
At any rate, I've worked up some things that still needed updating, such as the Written Works section.
I've actually removed one of my drawings in the Art section, as I thought it sucked and should not be.
But there's a new Smash Comic to make up for it! And are you all still reading The Horror? Good.

Oh yeah! And apparently, I got my 10.000th hit somewhere in this time of hiatus! But since no one contacted me about it, this MILESTONE went pretty much unnnoticed. Ohwell. On to 20.000!
As a last thing to note, I've got a different email address now, as the Eskimo Bob email system pretty much died on me. So DON'T mail me on that one anymore. The mail link on the bottom of the page has been updated accordingly.
Coming Soon: REALLY OLD STUFF brought BACK TO LIFE. Stay tuned.


Look what I did there.
Down a bit.
A bit further.
Wayyyyy down there.
See that shiny new image? Click it. I dare you.

Don't be shy in visiting it, it's much better then EZboard's anal ad-raping system.


Man oh man oh man. I'm most terribly sorry for being so slow with updates.
That doesn't mean I've been slacking off all the time, though. If you follow the link to the "The Horror" archives over at the MoogleMB Hoax and Comic section, you'll see a pretty huge story arc having just been finished, and that The Horror's closing in on 100 comics! Awesome!
Also, plenty more art has been uploaded over at my DeviantART page, which is also linked to from the art section over here. Gimme a shout over there, if you're also a member.
Finally, plenty more IMP episodes have been finished, so go check 'em out over at Newgrounds. A page overviewing all available episodes and sidestories is coming up.
That'll be all, I suppose. Again, sorry for the long silence. I can assure you as of May 16th 2005, I'm not dead. =P


Holy crap, has it been that long already?
Man. I dunno what to say, except... Soooorrryyy. =P
First off, I'd like to thank everyone who voted for me at Sonic Stadium, I've landed a decent 3rd place in the "Best Webmastering Effort" cathegory.
Next up, it's worth noting that there's new linkage on the bottom. You must now click E-Yoshi and visit Eggpudding. You know you want to.
Oh yeah, and there's a new Smash Comic up. Also, more The Horror at the new location. I hope you're all going there to check it out, you can follow the link to the new location from the old "The Horror" page.

You can check here for older updates, though I'm probably the only one to actually do that. Pah.

One-panel gags based around the Nintendo Gamecube's hit fighting game!
My first attempt at a comic.
 The graphical style restricts me from doing much in the field of creativity, but there's plenty of witty quotes and punchlines to make up for it! 
Nate Netfox's spin-off of The Horror.
Featuring hand-drawn art, and more action then you'll find ANYWHERE (else on this site)!
It is advised you check out the first few comics of "The Horror" up to the N Hof comics already in there before reading this, if only to shed light on what's going on.
Also, the Cast Page.

(NOTE: At this place, you're also able to read a couple of pages of my discontinued sprite comic, "Mayneeyah". In case you were interested.)

Here's some totally mediocre art by me!
This page will also be the home of the likely above-mediocre stuff people made for me, as soon as I scrounged most of that together.
Some memorable stuff I've written up along the years.
Including, but not limited to Fanfics, MiSTing's, and memorable chat transcripts.

This place is my home away from home, and I am commonly found here.
No, this isn't a part of my own site, but it's so awesome that I'll give it a spot in here nonetheless. =D


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