SAGE has almost begun!
Head over to SAGExpo.org to check it out as soon as it's there!
As before, Coldflame has a booth up as well.
Sportsmanship compels me to link to the SAGExpo main page instead of directly to my own booth, as there's many other people there that deserve your attention as well. =)
Also, I honestly can't believe this, but... Coldflame has been nominated for the Sonic Stadium Site awards!
Yeah, it came as a shock to me, too. Apparently you people think I've made the best webmastering effort.
Though it's more credit then I deserve, it's an honor nonetheless. ;D
So if you think I deserve it, go ahead and vote!
If you REALLY feel like being nice, I'd be even happier then votes for my site if you'd vote for "Sonic and Other Madness 3" as Sonic Flash Movie 2004.
Be sure to tick the boxes for all other cathegories too, by the way. The poll won't work otherwise. ;P
Thanks in advance!


Echidnoyle is in the middle of a server swap, meaning subdomains will not work for a while.
Everything'll redirect though, so no harm done.
Retooled the pages to have the images show up, no matter what.
Ph33r my dedication, or my lack thereof at total inconvenient times.
Note: I may have missed something here and there. If you really need to see something and I haven't bothered to fix the link, it's as easy as replacing coldflame.echidnoyle.org with www.echidnoyle.org/coldflame .
Also, another new The Horror! Smash Comics will be updated soon, too.


It's that time again!
SAGE is on the way, and naturally, Coldflame's attending.
Expect Alex Kidd, as always. ^_^;
Also, I've broken and put the Bravenet counter back on the front page - I was able to select the old "Equalizer" style again, so that's nice.
Not much else, aside from one new The Horror. Check it at the new location.


Update time!
I've relocated The Horror, they can now be seen, and even individually commented upon at the "Moogle Cavern" Hoaxes and Comics Archive.
Just head to the Horror page as you normally would, and follow the directions.
I won't be updating the Art section here either, but have added a link to my DeviantART account at the art page, where, again, all drawings can be seen and individually commented upon. Isn't that grand?
No, I'm not lazy. It's just way easier to update this way. ^_^;
The Smash Comics will still all be displayed here, as well as in my signature at the Moogle Cavern message boards like it always has been.
IMP section still pending.


Eheheh... I've waited too long with an update again, haven't I?
I'll make up for it. First of all, new counter! YAY.
Moved it to the Splash page, though. Since most people link to that in the first place, I'd like to know if I have more referrers then my own splash page. XD;;
Be sure to let it load, the one to get the 7,500th hit will get a mention on the front page if said person bothers to message me. =P
Next, new linkage. Bottom of page, as usual. Go check!
Also, some new The Horrors too! Oh, what a world!
And what's that? New Smash Comics? Truly that's not possible. But it IS!
Oh, and that upcoming section of drawings other people made for me? It's coming up. Honestly, I'm still digging up stuff people made for me that I long ago forgot about. XD;;;
Outrageous. Coming up soon too, a section for the IMP episodes!


Huge The Horror update! Guest comics galore, and the 50th comic! Go check!


Yay, there's a new section to the site!
I give you, stuff that other people made for me. Yeah, it's a bit self-gratifying, but these people have been AWESOME enough to make a drawing of yours truly, and most are simply incredible.
I really should remind myself to return the favor someday, now that I actually have somewhat of a drawing ability.
Oh yeah, new Smash Comic. Finally.

All this coming pretty soon, I swear. Once I get the pages and descriptions listed correctly.


Whoa nelly, it's been a while since I updated, huh?
I'm sorry, I truly am. But hey, I got a couple of The Horrors to make up for it, and some art, too.
New Smash Comic pending, haven't had much inspiration for one, lately.
SAGE has come and gone, one would have expected me to update for that, at least.
Well, I KINDA did. Check out the SAGE page here.
Please note that that page will not be updated until next SAGE, however.
Also, for a while now, I've been yammering on about International Moron Patrol.
I repeat, you really should check it out. The link to Episode 0 is here, from there you can easily access the other episodes.


Holy fark, been too long since updateness, hasn't it?
Well, you get a rather large update this time.
First of all, three new art works in the random crap HONEST TO GOD REALLY NICE ART THAT DOES NOT BURN THE EYES page.
Also, new section: Written works! This will be the place where I'll put my fanfics, MiSTings of existing fanfics, or other random written crap.
Right now: One complete fic, and one MiSTing!
Coming REALLY SOON I PROMISE: An attempt of me to make one of those little "Choose Your Own Adventure" book thingies.
Also coming in a relatively soon time period: Some art other people drew of me.
Oh, and I'll attempt to get some comics done soon as well, however, my Smash Comic inspiration well has run slightly dry aside from one comic I promised to do for someone but haven't been able to yet due to not posessing the right sprites/hand drawing skills to get it to look right.
Holy crap, I'm close to turning this thing into a livejournal. Anyway, written works. Art. Go see.


The SAGE, it is beginning.
http://www.sagexpo.org The Janken Demo of the Kidd with Alex, you looking for.
Put SAGE in you mouth.


Oh joy of joy! TWO new "The Horror" comics!
By HEAVY request (of one single person), Edweirdo is included in the latest. Here's to you, Master Cheater. =P


Finally, a new Smash Comic.
A mute one this time though, no speech is required.


Yes! New counter!
But it still doesn't work right yet. I'll check again tomorrow and see if I can get it to work like it should, until then, the Bravenet one stays on for a little bit.
No other updates for the moment, though I plan to make a new comic soon-ish.


Har. I managed to revive my board. Actual linkage image will be there soon, until then, enjoy clicking on the board's posticons below to get there.
Also, counter's back, though no longer with the cool Equalizer visuals.
Damn Bravenet. Just wait'll I'm able to make my own counter. =\


Whee, title logo.
Also, One new Smash Comic. Two new The Horrors. Glee. =3

And to think I actually took longer to update my site at some point. Oh yeah, Image by Edweirdo. Love him.
Yay, another update! Today I start showcasing some of my mediocre drawn stuff on this site.
Y'know, because I have a scanner and CAN.
So hah. And don't think you can stop me, either.
Art in question is some self-gratifying stuff like my own character, and some Bahamut Lagoon "fan-art".
Also, news archive. Since I like to keep track of the history of my site, and again, because I can. Har.
Oh yeah, Pachuka can go eat a dick for all I care. I just wanted to say that because it's my site and I can.
Ahh... I missed this. =D


I'm so proud of myself! ^_^
Quoth Pachuka, on the main page of his site, "Sonic CulT", (which I won't link to for spite)

We've been under a lot of controversy here at the CulT in recent weeks with the problems with Team Artail, and Sonic HQ, and Sonic Classic, and other folks. If it be the fact that we teased a certain group, or posted secret materials, people keep complaining about us. (Well duh, stop being such a jackass, then.)So, we'd like to start a new trend here at the CulT. An award ceremony, if you will. It will celebrate the people who make this site possible.

The whiney, crying, jealous, vindictive children who try so very hard to make us go away, but never seem to. This is your award! The Dicktrash trophy is given to every person who trys to bad mouth/talk down/prevent people from visiting/act backhanded/basicly try to make this site's maintainer and site vanish. Oh, and fails miserably. Current trophy winners are:

(list cut due to size, and will only include MCers, in order of appearance in list... -H)
Luckett X, BlazeHedgehog, Kulock, Jackel, Tenniru, LocalH, H Hog, Sz, Chibigoku.... (and many, many others...)

Congrats folks on each of your failures! Your jealousy, shit talking and attempts to get rid of us only make us grow more. So I present your award!

(Image of trophy left out due to it being...well, a giant silver penis)

This sure lights up my day, the fact that Pachuka HIMSELF thinks I'm enough of a loser to qualify for his petty propaganda award brings a tear to my eye. ^_^

So, I'm on... THE LIST. (DUN DUN DUNNNN) Won't you join me by being a general arse to Pachuka? ^_^
Notice by the way, the word "trys".
Last time I heard it was spelled "tries", but what do I know, I'm a Dicktrash winner. =B
All joking aside, "Pachuka sux and is bias". Hoohah.

Funny though, I probably got the prize for protecting the Moogle Cavern a while back.
Cool, so I'm being "punished" for protecting my community.
Worthy cause if you ask me. =D


OK, so there's this guy Sardius. He's been toiling for years now to get us... well, a buttload of prototype and obscure r0mh dumps with a kickass sense of humor to boot.
And hilarious TurboGrafx-16 comic-ads that DON'T EVEN COMPARE to the gaming ads of today.
So anyway, last year, he went on a roadtrip to the Classic Gaming Expo, wrote a 20-page documentary about it, and met the main man behind the less-then-mediocre "Dragon's Lair" games, Rick Dyer.
At any rate, right now, Sardius does not have enough cash to go there again. However, he will when people are so kind to donate to his cause of kicking Dyer in the nuts when he's there again this time. But that's not all kids, when there's enough funds, he'll additionally do so in a JOHNNY TURBO costume.
Now that alone is a sight worth seeing, not to mention worth paying money for.
As we all know, your friendly H Hog has no way of sending money online, otherwise I wouldn't depend so much on my friends to spare me some webspace. (Thanks again, Epon. ^_^)
Thusly, I'm COMPLETELY WHORING out this bit of front page for his cause: Give Sardius your money and he'll kick Rick Dyer in the nuts at the next Classic Gaming Expo.
Or... In a desperate attempt to gain money, he did the thing any self-respecting NES fan would never have to dream of doing... He's selling off his ENTIRE collection (aside from a few things of personal sentimental value) here, folks.
Go to his site, check the links that lead to the Ebay pages, and if it's within your grasp to do so, bid on the stuff he has to offer.
We're talking about a man who's positively desperate to give someone that deserves it a good kick in the beanbag.
So give generously, folks.


Well, I knew a lot of you were waiting for THIS to happen.
Yes, the site is back on it's feet with thanks to Epon. Let's all thank Epon, children.
*applause is heard*
There you go. Anyway, all I have up now is, ironically, something that never was on a site of mine before - the comics.
Previously these were only to be seen at the Moogle Cavern's Message Boards.
Well, enjoy them now!
Also, as some of you earlier visitors of my site may notice, is that I traded in my overall chilly and bright site design for something a bit easier on the eyes.
This with our nocturnal visitors in mind, which I know there are a lot of.
I will add something of a header logo and a background later on, when I decide on something.
Also, I didn't feel like wiping all the hits I had on my site in its other incarnations, so the counter will go on where it left off. Ha.
Well, enjoy the comics!

-H Hog

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