Your friendly fire-hedgehog's SAGE-booth.
Recycling 2004's Scrap Brain theme...because it just looks that nice.

Hello, H Hog here, and welcome to the fifth SAGE attendance of Coldflame Productions!
As veterans would know, I'm the guy who makes that Alex Kidd game. And does a terribly slow job at it.
Despite the single-page booth size, this is the place where you will find out more you really need to know about Alex Kidd: Radaxian In Turmoil (working title), one of the Sega-based fangames that I actually intend to finish sooner or later.

You may find this game slightly amateuristic, what with me not using any hand drawn sprites, musical score in MP3, or "custom coded engines" and whatnot.
In fact, I still rely on the overall pre-coded physics of the actual MMF engine.
Well, right now, I aim to enjoy, not impress. Finishing the game comes before eyecandy, in my opinion.
I'll inevitably be compared to the other games on SAGE, but ohwell. There has to be something to make the rest look good. ;D

To fill you in on what's been done - Decent progress (well... for my standard...) has been made. Most progress has been cosmetic.
Alex Kidd's sprites have been completely redone, thanks to OrochiWeapon2000!
I'm afraid I haven't gotten a lot of work done in level design, though I've added a good few engine improvements. I've finally added breakable and unbreakable blocks and boulders!
Also, for "Miracle World" veterans; the "Skull" itembox is fully implemented, too.
The bugs in the Janken sequence have been fixed, one of which thanks to Bartman.
The Cane of Flight has been implemented, and I've even added a test stage for the Sukopako motorcycle.
Everything's still a little buggy, but I'll see what I can fix for the next release.


* Star-blocks, Skull-blocks, breakable boulders and unbreakable metal blocks.
Star Blocks hold money or items. Skull blocks freeze you for a small moment.

* Money
You can now collect moneybags! Though I haven't added any shops to spend it yet.

* Flying Kick
Similar to "Enchanted Castle", you can now perform a flying kick!
Rather then holding the button to jump and releasing it to kick however, just jump and hit the attack button to kick.

*Staff of Flight
The Staff Of Flight item has been implemented, and works just like it did in "Miracle World", with the added perk of being able to fly through walls with it. For the moment, I haven't tried to put in any safeguards against getting stuck "into" a wall or outside level boundaries, but you'll be warned when the power is about to run out, at which point I'll leave it to your own risk to get to a safe spot.

*Sukopako Motorcycle
I've (somewhat) successfully implemented the Sukopako Motorcycle! Its test-stage can be played right after the helicopter stage.


* The ability to use items under water.
I'm sorry, but the real game didn't allow this either.


* Cosmetic updates. Alex Kidd's sprites have been completely redone using the MUGEN sprites OrochiWeapon2000 made; many thanks go to him!
Certain items and alternate sprites have been fixed or improved, too.

I've replaced several MIDI files with superior MOD music.

Aside from plenty more levels of course, I intend to add more powerups. Expect the return of the A and B capsules, Invisibility Powder, and possibly some new powerups if I can think of them!
Expect some full-fledged Sukopako Motorcycle and SuiSui boat stages, too.
I'll eventually insert a few shops, too. Not sure exactly how; whether I'm gonna put 'em inside the levels or between them.
Of course, you can expect more boss fights; both Janken-type as well as regular fighting. Who exactly? You'll see!
I intend to include plenty of cutscenes. I'm thinking of making the cutscenes comic-style (think "Elite Beat Agents"), though who knows, perhaps I can manage a bit of full motion if I improve enough...!

-Splash screen and title screen.
-Introduction/story sequence.
-Mt. Eternal
-Lake Fathom
-A small "movie sequence"
-Saturn Cave
-Sukopako Motorcycle test-stage
-The Janken game
-A game over screen in case you die.

You can download this demo, run through four levels, and play a not-so-friendly game of Rock-Paper-Scissors against Janken the Great, the nemesis of Alex Kidd.
As with the rules of the original game, loser turns to stone.

Stage 1.The swimming level.The Sukopako Motorcycle level.

Oh what the HELL... I just noticed that the game ignores the commands that kill the MOD music after each level.
I'm currently unable to fix this due to OTHER technical difficulties beyond my control, so please excuse this silly mistake. I'm sorry for my ineptitude.

So... Without further ado... Here's the demo! Enjoy! Download it here... if you still want to!

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