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This section will not be updated all too often.
New drawings I've made will be located here:
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I'm still working on putting a sub-section here to put stuff other people made for me, though. It's honestly getting difficult to keep up with everything, though. ^_^;

Bandai Guy explains Excel Saga!

Yes. Some fan-art for the comic "Dub This".
You'd have to read it to get the inside joke/running gag, though the gist of it is that the announcers of Bandai hardly ever know what they're talking about when describing Anime.


Ah, good old Edweirdo.
He likes the beer. And since he's a Mario-based character, he gets his beer in a rather appropriate manner. =P

Bikkebakke and Yoyo

Haha, Bahamut Lagoon fan art. Princess Yoyo hooks up with Bikkebakke, to much dismay of Byuu and Palpaleos.
Yoyo is the main princess in the game, whom starts out by loving the main character Byuu, then falls head over heels for the bad guy's main general, Palpaleos.
I figured it would be funny to develop Yoyo's fickle ever-changing attitude even further, har har. Eh, at least it's a good guy again.
Bahamut Lagoon, BTW, is a little known SNES RPG by Squaresoft, that never got released in US.
The nice folks over at DeJap Translations made a patch for it, now go find the Japanese ROM and patch it somewhere.
You'll know where to look.

Homo Hog (A Dedication to Pachuka)

After being dealt out an INTENSE INSULT THAT WILL SEVERELY DAMAGE MY EGO AND FRAGILE SELF CONFIDENCE EVER SO MUCH, I made this to show that I was really not at all phased by that.
And indeed, I really am not Gay. Just fairly happy. =B
At further thought... this image should not be. It sucks and should never have been made. If you really, really want to see this, I suppose you can ask me, but I'm not very likely to show you unless I already know you.

Mai Dotter

Yes, that's a cat/crab/butterfly hybrid. Her backstory has since been deleted with the MoogleMB forum archive, but she was supposed to be a character in one of our many Add-on stories.

Mr. Game and Sonic

A take on the series of McDonald's Sonic LCD toys. Sonic and Mr Game and Watch perform a Dragonball-esque Fusion Dance.

...Try to take over THE WORLD!

The Brain, of Animaniacs fame. This is actually an attempt to make a scaled-up redraw, using a rather small comic book panel as reference.
I personally think I succeeded quite nicely. It's been on my bedroom door for a while, so it already got smudged before I got a chance to scan it.

Ms. Palazzo

What if...Kefka Palazzo (of Final Fantasy 6 fame) was female?
I dunno why she's holding a feather, by the way. Maybe she plucked it off a chocobo or whatever.

Cyan doesn't like the Panted Man.

Fan Art for Final Fantasy 3: The Comic.
The little dude in front is only known as The Panted Man, a weird guy that really likes to snatch the pants of Cyan. The knight swiftly retaliates.

Alex: Kicking Ass and Taking Names.

Fan Art for River City High, a comic all about the NES classic "River city Ransom".
Kunio, A.K.A. Alex, takes names after beating up Cary.

Now I'VE Got your power!!!

Megaman beats up ElecMan, and steals his abilities. Inspired by "Megaman: The Wily Wars - BreakTheBeatInHalf (Extra Pie Mix)" , a remix on Overclocked Remix. Go check it out.


Inspired by the "International Moron Patrol" series on Newgrounds. (look for IMP.)
In there, Ginny is my girlfriend... sorta. H Hog's still a bit shy around her.
One may notice her necklace and think "EY! Familiar! Wasn't that's Troppy's?" Well, it's not. Roger pretty much thought up Ginny before he had even heard about any of my past antics including Tropicana, and as such, I had nothing to do with the necklace - except for the color. Which is green, instead of Troppy's blue. =o
I fear Ginny may suffer from lower back problems in the future.

The Namek Hedgehog Girl

A fusion between Amy Rose and Piccolo of Dragonball Z.
Someone named Amaryllis on the MC board once said his favorite DBZ character was Piccolo, and favorite Sonic character was Amy Rose.
Then Neroman said "Imagine if they somehow combined."
Well, here's the monstrosity. Couldn't really decide on a color (green or pink), so I chose something inbetween - dirty purple.
The only thing I bothered to erase the pencillines of was the face, for detail. The rest wasn't that important, since it was only a joke drawing. It turned out neat enough to showcase here, though.

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