Ever occurred to you that metal-ized characters don't say anything?
Neither does Mr. Game and Watch, but he still takes the opportunity to tell Metal Mario what he thinks of him.
Also, first comic to debut the actual "Smash Comics" title.

Note: Squiggles the Chao, being an F-Zero fan, noted I might have wanted to name this comic "Silence" instead, being also an F-Zero stage like Mute City.
 After giving it much thought, I kept Mute Pity, since Silence isn't a level in Smash Brothers Melee. ;P 

Most sprites ripped and edited by myself, but some sprites were ootilized from the sprites section at Psycho's site.
Any sprite that's not ripped from or edited from a rip of a regular "game" sprite has a high chance of originating at above mentioned site.
If you want to know who made some of those custom sprites, check there.

All displayed characters in this comic are either NINTENDO or HAL.
This comic is meant to parody, and hopefully amuse.
I am not affiliated with any characters displayed on the "Smash Comics" section of the site.

-H Hog
Coldflame Enterprises